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5711 Berkshire Valley Road #1 Oak Ridge, NJ 07438

"Yoga is not a religion; it is a practice. The word 'yoga' means 'a yoke that brings union.' It means bringing the finite (your body) into the Infinite (your consciousness)."

- Sam Chase

Our Wonderful Yogi Feedback

Nicole M.

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about DeeVine Light Yoga. Every instructor is super personable and makes you feel like you have been doing yoga your entire life. The atmosphere and energy have you feeling nothing less than relaxed and recharged by the end of class. So glad to have a place like this in town." 

Lauren S.

"Of all the yoga places I have been to, this is the most welcoming and beautiful place I have been to. I absolutely love it and can't wait for my next class!"

Shawn V.

"Best studio. Experienced instructors with varying difficulties. Very calming with great music. Perfect place to escape and relax. Also the cold lavender towels are the best."

Patricia P.

"Best yoga classes ever! Deanna is so wonderful!!" 

Karla V.

"The studio and the instructors are amazing! The studio and ambiance is so soothing and beautiful The instructors are welcoming, encouraging, and knowledgeable. The cold lavender towel provided at the end of each class is heaven on earth! I can't imagine going to any other studio! Highly recommend!"

Gina W.

"This is a great studio. The owner is wonderful. Studio itself is beautiful. Classes and instruction are very good. Community of instructors and members are warm and friendly. Really enjoy taking classes here."

Victoria S.

"Fantastic studio! Staff is friendly and very knowledgable, always get an amazing workout. Feels like home."

Emma F. 

"This is the most perfect yoga studio I have ever been to!! The studio itself is beautiful, modern, clean, and incredibly inviting. Each instructor is knowledgable and encouraging. In fact I was able to do my first inversion in a studio EVER here, during one of Deanna's hot vinyasa classes. Even better, the community that DeeVine Light has built is supportive and friendly. I'll never go to another studio!"

5711 Berkshire Valley Road Oak Ridge, NJ 07438

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