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Updated: Jun 7, 2020

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away." How is it that as a society we have swayed so far away from this concept? Instead of first evaluating how we can help cure an ailment within the body by means of natural remedies, we immediately dart for a doctors office or med clinic to ingest a synthetic product that rids the body of only symptoms. Food was always looked at as a form of medicine, however now most doctors don't even suggest the idea of holistic options. Isn't the point of living a healthy life to see the doctor as little as possible? Why is it that doctors are not suggesting disease prevention through lifestyle change?  On an average doctor’s office visit, a patient spends only about 10-12 minutes actually speaking to their doctor. A patient often leaves the doctor’s office with information, but information doesn’t translate into behavior changes. Doctors and nurses are trained in delivering an expert model of care, but not necessarily in explaining and encouraging long-lasting behavioral changes in order to lower stress or increase daily sleep. What is the source of the chronic disease epidemic in the first place? Habits. Although 40 percent of people make New Year’s resolutions to jump-start healthy habits, only 8 percent actually keep them. Without the right support system and tools to change harmful behaviors, the cycle continues—and usually worsens. Although many worry that their health woes are the result of genetic predisposition, the truth is that an estimated 85 percent of chronic diseases are caused by factors other than genetics, including diet, exercise, and stress I am here to give you a new perspective on how nutrition and holistic lifestyle changes can help immensely with prevention of many illnesses and ailments. I decided the best way to inform others is to spread the wonderful knowledge I received through achieving my Holistic Wellness Coaching certification this past year. Through this year long set of courses, I learned massive amounts of useful information and completely changed my life as well as our small family's life through subtle tweaks here and there. Through these subtle changes, we have led drastically healthier lives and have been able to avoid doctors offices all in all. Through this blog, I hope you are able to find useful tips and achieve the health you always yearned for right in the comfort of your own home. I will be providing you with positive psychology to eliminate stress, habit reversal to promote healthier eating and exercising, and the motivation you need to kick ass with all the goals you have set for yourself! Come enjoy this journey with me as I show you just how easily you can take health into your own hands! 

Marissa Reilly

Holistic Health Coach

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